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Welcome to Holywell Freedom Farm dog field! Tucked away in the Cleveland countryside, just beside Loftus we’ve set aside 3 acres for your dogs to run around and play whilst you get some much needed peace and quiet in the fresh air.

We’ve made sure that your dogs don't have to make all of their own fun with plenty of enrichment toys for them to climb on and around as well as some communal throwing toys in case you forgot their favourite ball.

For those of you with a little hound-ini, we’ve made sure that the field is as secure as it can be, we still recommend you keep an eye on your little would be escape artists but the field is as safe as it can be for them! 

It's not just all about the dogs, we have plenty of picnic tables as well as our dog house, a cosy little cabin with a sofa and chairs for you and your pouch to relax with a cup of tea and enjoy the views out over the Cleveland hills.

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